Software Reviews

Is your solution in the software you already own? Do you need to buy new software to solve a problem? Who knows?

Businesses are vulnerable to software companies claiming that their software will solve every business problem. Without the technical and business experience to evaluate the feature set in the software, many businesses end up throwing money at the problem, hoping it will make work easier. Often, it doesn’t and actually ends up compounding existing problems with the expenses and stress of launching and learning a new software package.

On the other hand, maybe there is a software solution out there to a problem you didn’t even know could be solved. Recently, we performed a software review for a customer, who wasn’t aware that Slide Library software existed. Their employees are each creating 5-10 new presentations a year, and reusing parts of previous presentations. This meant that employees were spending a great deal of time digging through previous presentations to find individual slides to reuse. Slide Library software creates a database of slides of all presentations, allowing employees to see duplicates and find the most recent versions of a slide. All without even opening a presentation file. We compared and tested 8 different packages, eventually giving them a recommendation that fit their particular needs.

My TechGenie doesn’t sell any software, we aren’t predisposed to any particular manufacturer. We are upfront about our experience and preferences. And unlike software sales teams that are located in a call center, we are local. We’d be delighted to save you hours of frustration, by performing a software review for you.