Shortcuts and Learning

I had a couple of requests for OneNote support this month and decided to take a look at the Office 365 version. Its been a few versions since I used OneNote and I wanted to refresh my understanding of what the software capabilities are. One of the things I looked at (in addition to building custom templates) were the shortcuts in the program.

I would never try to learn software from shortcuts, but I do find it useful to see what shortcuts the developers have built-in to a product. It shows what features they believe are most useful and popular.  When I spot a cluster of shortcuts like these:

Ctrl + 0  Remove all selected note tags
Ctrl + 1   Apply, select or clear the to do tag toggles through all options
Ctrl + 2   Toggles the important tag
Ctrl + 3   Toggles the question tag
Ctrl + 4   Toggles the remember for later tag
Ctrl + 5   Toggles the definition tag
Ctrl + 6   Toggles the highlight tag
Ctrl + 7   Toggles the contact tag
Ctrl + 8   Toggles the address tag
Ctrl + 9   Toggles the phone number tag

Then I can be sure that Tags are an important feature in the product.
When shortcuts have been assigned an easy to access and remember combination like Ctrl or Ctrl Shift indicates the priority level of the feature:

Ctrl Shift + 0   Delete the selected Outlook task
Ctrl Shift + 1    Create a today Outlook task from the selected note
Ctrl Shift + 2   Create a tomorrow Outlook task from the selected note
Ctrl Shift + 3   Create a this week Outlook task from the selected note
Ctrl Shift + 4   Create a next week Outlook task from the selected note
Ctrl Shift + 5   Create a no date Outlook task from the selected note
Ctrl Shift + 9   Mark the selected outlook task as complete
Ctrl Shift + E   Send the selected pages in an email message
Ctrl Shift + K   Open the selected Outlook task

Then I know the developers expect these functions to be frequently used.

Learning new software can feel overwhelming when you have a long To Do list. Spotting shortcut key clusters and priority patterns can help you to prioritize which features to learn first.

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