Office Templates

“What is the big deal about templates? Just use the Save As command.”

– Anonymous

Properly designed Office templates can save you and your staff hours of time . Freeing up time for the activities that move your business forward and producing professional results that put your business in the best light.

Yes, you can use the Save As command and re-save your favourite letter, business proposal or spreadsheet, but inevitably your original document is changed. Templates can hold programming, boilerplate text, custom shortcuts, formatting and custom toolbars to speed frequent tasks.


Adding code to your templates and documents solves two different problems.
The task you perform multiple times a day is reduced to a click.
– OR –
The task you perform once a year (and have to remember the steps for) is reduced to a click.

Either way programming your documents can really save time and stress.


We won’t just build your templates and walk away. If you want to see the man behind the curtain, the rabbit in the hat, how we make the secret sauce … we’ll share. And more importantly, we’ll document how to use what we’ve created. Making training new staff a breeze.